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Why and when do you need Outsourcing?

Outsourcing the functions and activities of a business helps to concentrate better on the core functions and controlling costs. Take a moment on the following and if you feel right, then Cubiqlab is here to handle your requirements.

  • Is the business operating at best possible favorable cost?

  • Are your resources utilized to the fullest efficiency?

  • Whether the current available resources are up-to date with new technology?

  • Are you looking for an alternative to effectively handle the process?

  • Does the organisational team have the professional expertise to deliver efficient work?

  • Thinking on possibilities of cutting down the recruitment and training costs?

Benefits of Outsourcing

Now that you know why your business requires our hands, Cubiqlab can assist you with professional and effective services.

Cost effective: The work is done at a very low cost and in a much more efficient way saving up-to 60%.

Professionalism: Our team of professionals and managers possess greater knowledge of the work and have vast experience in that field, thus raises the standard of the work, and it can be done in a fast and efficient way.

Saves on investment: Why unnecessarily spend on the infrastructure and technology when we have them ready for you.

Cut on training & recruitment: Cubiqlab has the experts with multiple domain knowledge and we have got your efforts and cost for training and recruitment covered.

Round the clock: Get your work done anytime, we support businesses across all time zone.

Faster results: We share your efforts on the organisations functions and work, thus making it easier. Therefore, development of ideas into concepts and delivery of the products, ideas and concepts into the competitive market are quick and fast.

Risk Management: Never get worried about anything, we got your business covered through all unfortunate circumstances like natural calamities, technical crisis or market fluctuations. We’ve got your business in track working on their assignments.

Services Offered


Organisations need to focus on their administrative functions to elevate the business, but which also happens to cost some valuable resources. Hence, Cubiqlab extends its services to cover your back-office functions.

Human Resource Management: We undertake complete end-to-end solution for on-boarding, payroll inputs, tax processing, time and attendance, benefits management and separation, is ideal for organisations of any size.

Accounting Services: Accounts payable and accounts receivable are the primary concerns of any organization. Delayed or deferred payments need to be handled, while completed payments need to be updated promptly.

Data Management: Big Data and Analytics are the hottest trends in market; organizations realize the importance of collecting huge sets of data. We help you manage these sets using desired technology, people and processes.

Quality Assurance: Cubiqlab standardizes the processes across the organization thereby greatly improves flexibility and scalability.

Industry Specialization

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